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remote control computer support services....

Our service at -saving time, money and improving productivity.

Why work with us? We will save you time and money and increase your productivity with our remote control computer support problem resolution. We will save you Time - because we are only a phone call away - literally! As soon as you are speaking to us we can be looking at your problem We will save you Money because we can run a tighter ship -we have less fuel costs and less time wasted and so we can do more with less. We can bring you More Productivity - Yes - you will find your staff reporting more of their problems because our engineers are there immediately - it is easier for us and you, and so your staff will begin to feel that reporting a problem is less of an issue because we are right with them - instantly! You will see your staff begin to report problems that never came to light before - problems that used to slow working processes - all because they feel their computer support team is more accessible.

What can we do for you? At sircles we offer the services which we feel have special usefulness to smaller companies. Your computer system will only be as practical as it is reliable and so our computer support service is designed to deliver service that matches the level of service the larger companies give their own internal workforce. We can only do this thanks to our remote diagnostic and control systems computer support which we supply to all of our contract clients. We can also interconnect your offices with ours or other sites of your own for Teleworking, Conferencing or Videoconferencing, keeping you in contact with your co-workers as often as you need. We can lease you use of network resources across the internet so that you do not have to purchase servers to try new technologies or systems you only use occasionally.

Our Remote Control Computer Support Diagnostics and Repair Systems

 Our Computer Support Staff Are Connected To You via the Internet Whenever You Raise a Call

Because 90% of client issues raised are diagnosed and resolved without us leaving our offices, we are able to decrease client waiting times enormously and also increase the amount of time we can spend assisting each member of your staff.

All major work required by our clients systems' can be organized to take place outside of normal working hours so as to cause as little disruption as possible and also allow us to work undisturbed and so complete our tasks as quickly as possible. We are currently offering the first month of support FREE with any of our computer support contracts below that you sign up with for three months or more... Get yourself a Computer Support Team! VPN Tunnels allow us to send secure communications from network to network using specialist software or hardware which then in turn allow us to browse a remote network as if we were plugged straight in. All of the hosts (workstations, servers or anything else with a Network Interface Card) on that network are available to us for remote administration or monitoring. These features also allow us to perform remote backups of other networks or even silently restore data back to remote storage, keeping clients operating as much of the time as possible in the face of system failure or data loss.

All of our VPNs are devised to use the most secure encryption available. The only limits to the systems we use come from available bandwidth and processing power and we will always tailor a system to the environment and inform you of any measures taken or otherwise due to the presented situation. Either way we do not install anything we believe to lack sufficient security or performance for your requirements. The upshot of this is that all of our networks are interconnected in ways that allow us to monitor and interact with you even when we are not on site, but as if we were. This dramatically reduces the amount of time wasted waiting for us and you! VoIP allows us to communicate freely with our clients over extended periods as we do not have to pay for any of the telephone bills because the phone calls travel via the internet just as if we were communicating with email. Now that broadband is the most common form of internet connectivity in the UK, it is important that you make use of it. A telephone call uses up less bandwidth of a broadband connection than a traditional modem bandwidth does and so multiple conversations can be streamed between different sites all at once without any call charges.

Our systems can connect you to your main office site and connect you to your office phone and data network seamlessly via your broadband connection at home. Your telephone network in the office can be assigned an extra extension number to connect with the phone on your desk at home and you will be connected directly to your office network as soon as you pick up your home office phone. Our Computer Support Service Contracts Each service contract is tailored to a choice of response urgency. Entry into contract for any of our services entitles customers to raise a service call with one of our operators either by phone, email or by using one of the forms on the web. Each call is then given an SLA or Service Level Agreement value. Each SLA value is based upon how urgent the call is to the client, and on which urgency response option the client has purchased from Each computer support option houses three levels of seriousness so that the when the most vital function of a client on one agreement raises a call they will not be made to wait by clients with non-vital requirements on a superior response option.

Each SLA has a definition, based on client difficulties being faced: •Mission Critical: Many or all users are unable to complete their most basic and vital job functions. •Urgent: Either a few users are unable to perform a vital job function or many users are unable to perform a non-vital one. •Cumbersome: A few or one user is unable to perform a non-vital task or job function.

Tier-One Mission Critical Service: Our most encompassing service, this Critical Business Option is 24x7 coverage for mission critical systems requiring the highest levels of computer support. Typical uses would be web application servers or VPN systems that are core to your business service. We would include a system wide analysis and would document all of your systems diagrammatically for ease of support. All upgrading and system progression service work is included in this option. This option also provides service priority over every other client type. more details

The Tier-Two Business Option is for SMEs who depend on their computer communications to a large degree for obtaining business, and for performing their business function. Computer Support is 8am - 8 pm 5 days a week and 9 - 5 on Saturday. All of our system checking and monitoring is included in this option as well as any servicing required to keep the system functioning effectively. more details


The Tier-Three Business computer support option is for all standard business equipment. Any user PCs or printers etc that can be covered by other equipment will typically fall into this category. We aim to have your system recovered from serious issues by the next day. Servicing along with this option includes monitoring of your system for viruses and systems that are running out of disk or performance capacity. more details


All of the computer support SLAs are an objective for us to achieve and with most problems now being solved remotely we are looking further improve our response times. Some problems are related to a loss of connectivity to our clients and can be completely beyond our control – i.e. Internet unavailability, and so this leaflet is meant as a pricelist rather than a definite guide for response times. is only responsible for the services it provides and cannot work upon existing systems unless expressly agreed in the terms of contract. Different services include different response times and services and are subject to time limits for periods spent on a problem that is the result of old or unsuitable equipment.

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