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Business Computer Systems Consultants in Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Cloud and Email Hosting, Domain Brokers and Data Recovery Experts 
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About Us

We are committed to our ideas and methods which we believe give great service and good value. Some of the questions people need to be asking are listed below along with a few pointers on how we tackle them. We hope these facts will help you understand what kind of thinking we do and help you to decide to contact us. You can have a look at our latest offers here.

How are we going to increase your productivity and decrease the amount of time you spend waiting for your out-sourced IT company to show up and fix problems? We can use your computers by remote control to apply changes without calling round to your offices saving time, money and effort. All of our remote control systems use software incorporated with Windows™ and require no licenses to be purchased. You spend less time waiting and more time working! We also find that because our customers feel we work more closely with them - as we are acting on their behalf after a single call - that they report more of the problems causing delay than they do to companies who have to call round. Less delays in the work process = more profit for you! What about viruses and spy ware, there are a lot of scary stories around? We can prepare you for problems so you can ride out the storm! We lock down every element of your Information Technology Systems to prevent unbridled connections from the Internet due to viruses and spy-ware so you stay working longer. We do not believe in a hundred different anti-spy-ware applications that slow your computers to a halt and we will guide you in invoking a sensible all-round solution and design you a computer usage policy to keep problems at bay.

Is there a way I can make better use of my information systems? Almost certainly. We will perform a complete analysis of your system and how you work for free and suggest a system that will pay for itself and more! Click here to find out more. What about saving money for your phone system? We will show you the latest and greatest ways of staying in touch with your most commonly contacted co-workers. - We do not try to find a way to use the most expensive enterprise levels of technology and we are not directly affiliated or obliged to sell any technology in particular. We will tell you what we think and why and show you what we want to improve for you. Our company is a service provider and so we need you to want to come back to us - we can even rent any or all required technology if you are doubtful, because we are sure you will keep renting when you see the money you are saving.

Our Mission

We aim to become the most talked about and end-user friendly Information Technology Solution Provider in the region. It is our mission to make sure that all of our customers, along with their information, are being looked after in a manner beyond their expectations. We hope that all of our clients enjoy our motivation to continue to find new services which fit their ways of working. All of our services are based on our experiences of catering for small offices and we would like for one of our clients to be you.

About Us

We have taken expertise built from different fields from many years in the IT trade and have harnessed all of our knowledge to produce systems that are based on the most security conscious models we are able. So as to minimize time wasted on repairing problems that can be averted, every product or service we provide is tailored entirely for the particular customer and situation. Please have a look at our products and services sections to get an idea of where we may be able to make savings for you through our services or drop us a line and we will be happy to guide you.

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A computer system audit of your offices - this is where to begin if you want to join the computer support network or start with email hosting.
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